Writing: “CHATWINGTHEHT — Part one of the book of Marcus Flipsen”

The Tapeworm Chronicles just got a new and even scarier sequel

Where I thought “The book of Koen Flipsen: DEMON HUNTER” was awesome, Kaptein upped the game with ten notches in “CHATWINGTHEHT”

Undead children! Amsterdam! The Golden Age! Rembrandt! The rise of an old apocalyptic cult! Ghosts! This is Urban Fantasy at its best!

“CHATWINGTHEHT”. Until the very end you will be wondering who or what CHATWINGTHEHT is. And the answer will surprise and shock you. Chilling to the bone.

Dan Brown; make place for Peter Kaptein

OK. “The book of Koen Flipsen: DEMON HUNTER” is not even written and we already have a sequel.

The night watch

The night watch

CHATWINGTHEHT, a plot summary (or something)

It is 1641. Marcus Flipsen, a young Postlutherian Sacramentalist and one of the descendants of Koen Flipsen: Demon Hunter, gets a new assignment when a dead body of a black man is found, infested by tapeworms, with the secret sign of the Anabaptists scorched in the chest and a note reading: “CHATWINGTHEHT” in the cold and stiff hand: written in blood on the processed skin of a dead human baby.

While dead newborn children haunt the night, possessed by demon spirits, hungry for human blood, Rembrandt van Rijn suffers from flashes of a frightening future, ghosts of slaughtered soldiers haunt the Sloter Plassen and several signs seem to lead to the resurrection of the presumedly dead leader of the Dutch Anabaptists, Marcus Flipsen is forced to take on this assignment as well.

And he is only 16 years old. [THIS IS ALSO POSSIBLY A YOUNG ADULT BOOK: ALERT!!!!]

How are the city patrons related to this? Who is the girl bathing in golden light in one of the most ambitious painting of that time? Why is Marcus Flipsen forced to hunt yet another mystery? How is he related to Rembrandt van Rijn? Why are so many traces ending in the harbor where the Dutch trade ships arrive and set sail again? Who is the dead man and what is binding everything together? What is happening overseas? What is this talk about slaves shipped from Africa to New Amsterdam? And how will this all eventually lead to the fall and loss of New Amsterdam twenty years later as is scratched by the visionary Van Rijn on the missing part of the Rembrandt painting: “The Nightwatch”?

Nothing is what it seems. Even Marcus has a dark secret, hiding from the light. [SPOILER ALERT: His name is actually Marcella — AS THIS IS URBAN FANTASY AND SUPER FEMINIST LITERATURE!!!1!22!!3! — and he is born as a girl!1!!1!]

A globe spanning mystery unfolds.

You will find a frightening and enlightening vision on the Amsterdam of the Golden Age where Rembrandt van Rijn painted his masterpieces and the Netherlands rose to new heights with the Dutch East India Company: to dominate global trade for two whole centuries.

In his quest to uncover the truth, Marcus Flipsen will uncover things and events the Dutch rather have erased from history.


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