Vehicle design and some skin rendering

Vehicle design

I am doing some vehicle-design, which is quite time consuming and full of moments where I learn something new. Currently I am just playing around a bit, learning and not pushing the designs. (Mostly because I dont have time to do more.

I started with this:

render1 A spider-like vehicle that has quite a boxe-like shape.

Being an armored vehicle for personal use, I boxed it using simple shapes and a human form I already created as the basis.


At some point, after something like 3 weeks working on it from time to time, I got bored by the shape. It reminded me too much of this kind of design:


So I decided to redo the shape into someting more streamlined:


Using a more classic shape with round curves, taking classic cars like Ferrari as  an example.


It’s something different. I am not satisfied yet. Since this is a body-armour/vehicle the conceptual approach should be more like a motor cycle instead of a car, I guess.

Human skin

For the human character, I first used a simple skin-material I created myself, mixing different gloss/Fresnel materials together with simple specular. Resulting in this:


Unsatisfied with the flatness, I decided to use the CG Blender SSS setup (see for links further down below). Compared with the previous renders, the skin on the next render is much more varied, without doing anything else than applying a meterial that has sub-surface scattering. A thing that happens for any and all materials that have some level of transparancy — like the human skin.



The greyness in the first image is mostly because I deliberately mixed that grey in the original setup I used to create the skin material used in the second image.

More tuning with the settings and colors will result in warmer skin tones.

I downloaded the subsurface scattering skin material from this source .

The grass is still a work in progress.


Dropping hair-particles

I started out using hair-particles (as many others probably did) but switched to simple meshes because:

  1. I got frustrated by the lack of real control over shape.
  2. Grass made from hair-particles takes shitloads of resources, crashing Blender over and over
  3. With grass made from particles (and compared to using meshes instead) it takes Blender shitloads of time to build/prepare the scene for rendering.



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