Cultural delusions

[This is a rough draft]

I think we have an incredible ability to lie to ourselves and to create a massive system of delusional thinking through culture.

In other words:

  1. Most of how we see our “reality” is is complete misconception of what is really going on,
  2. Most of what we see in our version of reality does not exist, mostly due to the way we have been taught to look at that reality.
  3. Most of our emotions and reponses towards that reality are useless and inaccurate.
  4. The way we percieve ourselves within that reality and most roles we give ourselves within that reality is complete nonsense.

From religion to nazism, to belief in chemtrails, to extremism that includes the idea that one party, to the idea that we as individuals are less worthy than others, to the idea that sex is more harmful than violence, all thrive on delusional ideas.

We are not that rational

The “rational human” is a lie. One we tend to suss ourselves to sleep with. “It makes sense. So why fight it?”

If we would be rational, logical thinking humans, we would not operate like a forest-fire, scourging the natural forests of the earth, nor would we operate like a disease that slowly and successfully kills all life in the world seas

We behave like sociopaths

Consider murdering your cat, or your dog. Take a hammer. Bash in its head. Stamp on one of its legs. Break the bones.

This is what we do with our so-called life stock: the living and breathing animals we kill to feed ourselves. And we rather ignore than acknowledge the atrocities that are performed to provide millions of people with their daily dosis of meat. We rather reduce our cows and chicken and other animals to things, without emotion, without any form of concious thought.

We rather make up some lies about those animals than to consider them as fellow beings. Capable of sadness, sorrow, fear, anticipation, happyness, joy, frustration, confusion, anger and forming their own will and their own thoughts. Instead: they are slaves and less than slaves. Put into cages and restricted lives. Punished when they try to break out and break free. Ridiculed and put down, or abandoned and discarded, when they form too much of their own thoughts.

We tend to see fellow people as our enemies, their experiences in war-situations as disposable, their cries for help as a trick to get into ‘our’ countries, into our lives, into ‘our’ houses, stealing ‘our’ jobs and to get access to our healthcare and ‘our’ women. Meanwhile ignoring and even justifying demeaning situations in which people are put into camps and houses without any outlook to any improvement, moving them around as we do with our cattle, from one place to another without granting any clear explenation of what will happen next or when this will stop, directly-indirectly taking away any agency, any option for personal choice.

In those cases where agency is provided to refugees, in the form of a weekly or monthly allowance or access to computers, access to internet, access to mobile phones, those people become an immediate threat. People to fear. They are them. The others. The threat. “Those who are not us”.

We internalized the world-view of sociopaths

When considering strenght, we rule out emotions that we associate with vulnerability. Sadness is weakness. Care and being a caring person, is being weak. Love is weakness. Tenderness is weakness. Allowing another person to step forward to take your place in the line is bordering insanity.

Strenght, instead, is associated with power. With the ability to crush other people, to rule over them, to manipulate them, to make them do your bidding. Strength is to rule. To create laws. To force people to follow those laws. Strenght is the ability to do whatever you want, even if that something happens at the cost of others.

Strong people are the ones who are sole heroes. Who climbed the ladder, who beat and left behind all their contesters. It is the one who one the competition.

In this sociopath world, evolution itself is not about collaboration between species, but a concept based a misconception of the phrase “the survival of the fittest,” where “fitness” is associated with power and where power is associated with the ability to kill. In this sociopath world, it is “Better to kill” and “Kill or be killed” and “dog eat dog” and “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”.

Success is winning and winning is beating all your competitors. Either by suing them to kingdom come, or by hostile take-overs. By using slander and lies to destroy their reputation. Winning is beating people up. It is becoming the most powerful person in the world. It is claiming that poverty is the fault of the poor. It is claiming that all chances are equal, while they are not, and that poverty is due to chances not taken when they offered.

It is claiming your way is the best and only way to success.

We rather believe in lies and nonsense than we check the facts

We believe satan is real, that hell is real, that god is as described in “holy books”. We rather assume that those words must be real than break through the bullying that usually is partt of the system that forces that belief upon us: threatening us with punishment, exile or straight-out violence.

If God ever wrote a book, it is the world and the universe around us, not a book, nor a series of books. If anything is driving people away from any god, it is by acting out the will of other people and by believing in the words spoken by other people.

We rather belief that our own feelings are wrong and we rather believe that we ourselves are wrong, than to assume that we might be right and the views that are imposed upon are based on (sometimes horrid) lies.

We rather put our children in absurd belief-systems like “Santa Claus / sinterklaas [whatever] is real” than tell them flat-out: “this is all a fairy-tale story because we think it adds flavor”. Such thing only exists because we think this is cute and part of that “magical world that children live in”.

We rather kill and discourage critical thinking that supporting it.

We rather support a lack of questioning and the internalization of dogmatic “truths” than systems of thinking that help to dissect and break the circular reasoning that is usually the basis of:

  1. Systems of abuse
  2. Abusive realitionships
  3. The type of propaganda leading to fascist nations
  4. The seeming lack of options within populaitons that grants the real power to dictators and dictatorships
  5. The type of lies used to sell us useless goods and bullshit we can do without

We believe that a country like the United State of America that has no respect for the poor, allows the healtcaresystem to exclude and impoverize people, allows the police to kill and brutalize citizens, that supports dicatorships to impede ‘balance’, that wages wars against other countries without clear reason, forces countries and oncinents into treaties that only offer one-sided benefits can truly be an exporter of democracy.

We think refugies form a threat, instead of part of us: the population of this one single world. We believe what television and newspapers are telling us, “as they are neutral sources of information” without any specific bias. We believe that they will take our benefits, flood our cities and kill our economy. We think all those wars and events have no relationship to te roles Europe has played in the past, the weapons that we sold to their armies or to the regimes we supported by money, treaties, by remaining silent, by silencing others when crimes against humanity are committed time and time and time again.

We choose sides based on stories we do not check. We choose sides based on gut feeling. We choose sides because of logical reasioning we never check for its flaws and sometimes abhorrently clear circular- and self-serving reasoning.

We assume that if one part is right, other things might be as well. We choose the sides of bullies who beat the other into silence and therefore “show that they are stronger”. In that, we let ourselves lead by the same and similar instincts as dogs and birds and horses and sheep, aiutomatically reducing ourselves to the same levels: animals that follow, that help propagate the power of the most powerful bully to keep the flock as one, but that cease to cherish the individuality that makes us so special.


We are people. We are part of a world that exists due to collaboration. A world where excluding yourself from that system of collaboration, or killing part of that collaborative system is equal to death and suïcide.

While there is place for insane systems of competition and death and murder are part of our wiring, they are not the rule and standard of life itself. Plurality is. Collaboration is. Complex systems of co-existance and co-depencency are.

Strength is not “to beat everything else to pulp”. It is to accept, to adapt, to collaborate, to utilize, to receive, to give back, to participate, to invent, to let go, to exchange.


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