Is “Mild-Blowing” SF going to be the great new thing?

Rumors have been going around about “the great new thing” in SF. After Cyberpunk and Biopunk not much has happened and SF has been heralded dead for two decades now with declining sales.

[insert of some chart with declining sales in SF]

Here is what is going on. “Mild blowing” consists of two elements: “mild” and “blowing”. It refers to the kind of story-telling that is significantly less violent, more gentle, more loving than we know until now. “Blowing” refers to the wind. As with similar combinations of words like “Cyber” and “punk” “Mild blowing” describes more the mood and setting than anything else.

The kind if SF that you probably can expect will be like games as “Flower” and “Journey” (see videos) where the pace is slow and a almost poetic style will gently carry you through a story that is nothing as you would normally expect. Where environment and (sometimes harsh) beauty are not just decor but an important part of the experience. Where writers are almost forced to leave all well known tricks and tropes behind to create something that might be genuinely new. Where the classic Western storytelling elements of conflict and climax are completely absent.

It is also the kind of SF where wind and air will play a great role. As with Steampunk, the role of “blowing” or wind will mostly shape the world around the story.

As for an audience, all hangs together with quality and produce. A good idea can be murdered by bad execution. A poor idea can thrive by the hands of an expert mind. If only three stories appear, this is a dead end.

It is unclear whether “mild blowing SF” or a possible alternative “zephyr (a ‘light wind’) SF” will be the final definition and will help revive SF in the next years.



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