Fragments: "When I look at you I see many things"

Editing chapter 18 of “Dreams” (Working title). One of these crazy flows that still work when you re-read them.

Fragment: “When I look at you I see many things”

[Edit. Quite OK]

“When I look at you, I see many things. I see the bones in your body, the bare basics what makes you. I see the organs, see how they perform their function. I see the layers of muscles on top of that. I see the most boring and most generic parts of you. Then I see what moves you. Your mind. What makes the decisions for you. I see the parts that are conditioned. I see the parts that play with that conditioning. I see the parts that fight you. I see the parts that I do not see yet, as big blank spots I still have to discover. I see your potential. I see the things you do not do. Some parts I do not like. Some parts I know will start to bore me. Some parts I know I will start to hate if you do not shift to a next stage. Most parts I do like. The parts I do like, I like more than the parts I do not like. All in all: you are beautiful. From the bare parts to the things you do to hide yourself. So what that you grew up in an environment that has been conditioning you to be a consumer from the birth on? So what that you sabotage yourself on many or most of the cases you would like you did not? When the next ten years are over, you will probably be a much more interesting person then I will ever be. –I like the scars people bear. It means they tried, they challenged, they dared. A perfect skin is boring. A perfect person is boring. You need the challenges. The falls, the mistakes, the fuckups. Your mind is beautiful. You are daring, my love. And more important, you are completely sane. You might be one of the most balanced of all the crazy people I have met in a long time. You take a challenge, fall down, then take that and use it to develop yourself further. Just trust that process.”

End of fragment


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