Writing: Spindoctoring a war – more on the story "Future History"

I wrote a short story called “Future History” and documented earlier here about “the first IP wars”. In this story Zambia is the first of a series of attacks in a war that is actually between America and China. The reason for this war is that in Uganda, in the Chinese factories, products are made which breach / impede American patents and copyrights / patents.

While the first attack is a long siege on the country and the people living there by making food scarce, the second is a provocation leading to an actual invasion.

That invasion consists of the following elements in this fictive future history:

  1. Change of government policy — Being pressured by the United States, leading to #2
  2. Police take-over — Allowing for random arrests
  3. “Strikes” and other actions — To cripple the Chinese factories and mines (copper and tin amongst others)
  4. Release of drones — To police the air, monitor communications and make non-lethal strikes where Zambian citizens collect. For instance: to protest.

To understand how media and public opinion is doctored right now, see this video related to the current situation in the Gaza area. Israel attacked Palestinian people and we all think it is justified.

In the future history of Zambia, two things happen to provoke the American invasion.

  1. Suicide bombings on churches — Done by “anti christians” but actually paid people form outside Zambia. “There is no anti-Christian movement in Zambia. But because the suicide bombers are black, nobody cares they are not even from Zambia”
  2. Suicide bombings on non-Zambian chains — Like McDonalds and Zara and you name it.

The bombings make it possible to justify the hostile actions of United State forces. To sell the war on television as it may.

The concept of the  bombings is based on two elements: the recent “Anti Christian Church bombings” somewhere (need to write!) and the 9/11 conspiracy theories in which the US staged the 9/11 attack to provoke “the war on terrorism” with impacts we still see now (increased camera-surveillance, useless checks on airports).

Arrests and interrogations

To oppress any resistance from the local population, people are arrested and jailed. To assure things in those jails happen according to the wishes of the sponsors, people from neighboring countries like South Sudan are hired and run those jails.

The interrogations that take place — to find out who did what, why in those strikes — are partially based on the waterboarding scandal by United States Intelligence on “terrorists” after 9/11. In this case they use sleep deprivation and simulated separations of the vertebrea of the main character, playing into her fear of becoming paralyzed like her sister. Based on other news related to Christian army-members going out to convert Muslims while on duty I also used the concept of abuse of power and mental rape.

While she is agnostic, she ends up a believer in Jesus “as a bonus”.

The story, called “Future History” fails mainly due to its shortness. A lot of backgrounds have been removed. Secondly it is a bit unbalanced.

It fails secondly due to its lack of clear focus. Still. I love it in spite of its shortcomings.

The media

The role of the media in my future history is simple: they twist everything that needs to be twisted. What you hear and see online is not what really happens.

In the ongoing IP wars, the European internet is becoming a syndicated environment. Meaning that any site belonging to individuals have been closed and only the old and existing media companies are allowed to publish content.

Leading to a very one-sided view of the world inside and outside Europe.

Magical item

The magical item in the story is technology leaked to the webs 5 years prior. Containing almost all research data from Saudi universities, including technologies and software to build computers inside people’s bodies and to simulate and predict potential futures. (Something “Sunrise” and “My fist six days in South Korean Prison” put more light on.)

Instead of waiting for things to happen, people like the sister of the main character, have been anticipating the war for over a year. Using predictions, probability and social engineering they are working on a turn-around to force one single thing: complete ejection of any non-Zambian element.


The following isolation has only one main goal: to restore, to heal. To heal the damage that has been done to the country over centuries.

Final dilemma

Where this works for companies, people and most other elements, the tough nut to crack at the end of the story are the foreign religions and the idea that things were better as Zambia was before the invasion. As the Zambian war/liberation is inclusive, meaning that no-one is left out, this is accepted as the damage to repair over longer time. Better that than kick these people out as well.


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