Story fragment: “Why are they spamming me with this bullshit?”

I am editing “Dreams”, part of “The decline of Europe” which brings several surprises as I am re-reading my own work.

I had some very good times reading other chapters, but this specific part in chapter 20 almost cracked me down in laughter at the point of: “Imagine you know this guy called ‘George’”. Let me know what you think. Maybe I just lost my mind from long isolation.

We walked back, when Mira suddenly started bitching.

“Why are they spamming me with this bullshit?”

She send me the link. An advertisement appeared in my field of vision, granting her points for sharing. She linked it with a “fuck you” message to a voting service for ads. “Stop bugging me with this shit” as choice and minus 10 points: the maximum she could give.

“Reclaim your natural position,” the add said. “The new feminism is about a return to the soft values that make us female.”

“It is like the new sexism,” Mira said. “Who the fuck are they to tell me how I should be? Like I cannot beat up someone when I am really mad. Or take testosterone when I want to build more muscle.”

Which was what she had been doing.

“Like throwing away decades of developments saying: ‘man and women are not equal’. What about the female men? The ones who like to share and care? Should they ‘reclaim their natural position too’?”

“Actually,” I said, searching, sending her an article I read three weeks before, about men and “the new movement towards more masculine values”.

“Fuck!” she said.

“Just ignore it,” I said.

“I cannot,” she said. “I can see what will happen next: boyfriends suddenly asking me if I want to do anal, ‘because anal is more masculine’.”

Quote-unquote with her fingers.

“I hate anal,” she said. “Or where they want to come over you, ‘because that is more masculine’. Or take you rough, without foreplay, ‘because that is more masculine’.”

“It will pass,” I said.

“Easy for you to say,” she said.

“It will pass,” I said. “Each time has its own movements. Simply move where you want to be.”

“I don’t want to,” she said. “I am still in a demographic that is completely susceptible to all this bullshit. Imagine you know this guy called ‘George’, who was nice for as long as you knew him the past two years. A bit shy, but nice. Then suddenly he gets swept in this new ‘masculinity’ bullshit. And gets his penis enlarged. Where he might have been a nice fuck with sixteen centimeters of dick, suddenly twenty centimeters penetrate you, thrusted deeply in ‘manly manners’ poking your womb and leaving you bruised and hurting inside each time he is done with you. Where is the fun in that? Or where you taking the lead is suddenly creating awkward situations because you are ‘emasculating’ him. Like taking the lead will cut off his balls and make him a pussy. And what is wrong with that anyway? Like it is suddenly confusing to be passive and receive. What am I going to do? Suddenly penetrate him with a strap-on or a hand-held dildo? Shove a cucumber sized, running vibrator in?”


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