Story: Systems of…

Yesterday I was hit by this idea of separating my “Decline of Europe” series of 6 stories by the three themes that emerged: love, change and aggression.

Each story is at least 40.000 words. With an average of 300 words per page (I have counted them once) for a paperback, this makes roughly 130 pages per story and 260 pages in total. Each theme currently covers two stories. (see full overview here).

I have two choices in this: make 3 separate “books” or put everything into one.

To have a trilogy is kind of cool, so I might stick to that for now. One huge book with the six stories, covering roughly (3 x 260 =) 720 pages is maybe a bit too much to “debut” with. You want that shit to finish at a certain point as well, as a reader.

I also think that each theme might have room for extra stories to be added. To balance things out.

Systems of love

  1. Dreams
  2. Limiters

Systems of change

  1. Sunrise
  2. How to kill a city

Systems of aggression

  1. To play my music
  2. The invisible man


I also made up an intro, like the back-flap text on the book. I do not remember the exact words, but after some re-writes it goes something like this:

Version 1

This is an an alternative universe.

From the 1990’s on, reality has been hacked. People were bought. Power has shifted. In 2035, tables have been turned.

In 2019, Europe has lost the Intellectual Property war. In 2023 a massive leak has put all Saudi R&D data on the web. In 2032 Saudi Arabia has fully shifted from a oil-based economy to a knowledge economy. Several countries in Africa have shifted to higher levels, not quite the “Singularity”. The Mars project has been abandoned.

In 2040, reality can be simulated. Hardware can be evolved by software. Possible futures predicted. The new wars for power and world-domination are about products and services and fought in court.

This is the world of: The Decline of Europe.

Version 2

We are fucked. In an alternative reality, most of the Western world has ground to a halt, entangled in Intellectual Property wars that killed all rogue creativity. Everything has a price. Consumption is king. Humans are units to assure the Gross Domestic Product and Gross Domestic Consumption. Anti-smoking laws have never passed. The Mars project has been abandoned.

Meanwhile, China is on the moon, Saudi Arabia is the new king on the global market and several countries in Africa have re-invented themselves, with populations becoming more than human.

The Decline of Europe is a series of stories set in this world that is both grim and human: stories of love, aggression and change.


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