Sunrise, a story


“Sunrise” is the “kickoff” story in a sequence of six science fiction stories called “The decline of Europe”.

You can download “Sunrise” here: as epub (alternative made with Calibre when the first does not work) or PDF.


Sunrise was written to fill the gaps I felt when working on three other stories in this sequence: “Limiter”, “The invisible man” and “Dreams”, which all play around 2060 where Europe is in an IP-deadlock and several countries in Africa moved “through the singularity”. I needed a clear explanation where the main technologies in those stories came from and why the people from these African countries do not interfere in the (very troubled) future history of Europe of that period.


In “Sunrise”, the birth of the 2060 world is shown through the eyes of Enakshi. It is staged in Saudi Arabia, which is creating something called: “the Saudi renaissance” with the intent to move the entire country within 20 years to a post-oil economy. To be able to pull this off, a goal is set: to bring 80% of the Saudi population the age between 20 and 40 years within those 20 years to university- thinking and working levels.

Enakshi is the lead designer in a project centering around wearable computers. The goal is to make a complete package in a very compact machine, wearable — for instance — as bracelet, that allows you to teach yourself any possible subject available as either stored knowledge (online and offline) or via simulations.

By giving these machines to the Saudi population at large, the knowledge and intellectual gap between the have- and have-nots should be bridged, provided that the right kind of impulse is given and people will use these systems for what they are intended to.

Just providing a (technical) solution will not activate people to change their own lives.

Characters and influences

The characters in this story are outspoken in what they think and do.

The most important influencers you will find in “Sunrise” (and the other stories) are the works of John Varley and Samuel Delany, in many aspects. Specifically: “The Ophiuchi Hotline“, “Babel-17” and “The Star pit” (Delany).

Status (August 20, 2012)

“Sunrise” is revised and rewritten to the point where the story is like 90% to what it should be. There is still room for improvement. There are still some parts that could be done better or ashame me when I find out how I missed the point on something, but the heavy work is done.

And yes: my research on some topics has been shallow, hoping I could get away with that.

The story will be reviewed and based on that feedback, it will be edited in the days and weeks that follow.


If you read the story, let me know in the comments what you think.


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