Four things I want to write about in 2011

Four things I want to write about in 2011:

  1. Tech-Entrepreneurship and freelancing – all the stuff that comes with having your own one man band and trying to make your breakthrough, including: building dossiers for each client, understanding your legal position when clients do not (want to) pay, how to win clients, how to make clients feel appreciated without becoming their slave and exploring articles on what to do when your activities become a tech-startup.
  2. Hacking with Android – a continuation of the series in which I explore Android, Android software and possibilities with Android, productivity and hardware including: developing Flash applications for Android devices, throwing stuff around and building clustered systems of Android devices that communicate and interact with each other – of which a remote control is the simplest use case
  3. The new Flash framework I am developing – including client side data injection and data management, HTML/CSS-based design templates and interface design and optimization tricks for small screens, low memory devices
  4. The new “Roomware” framework that will evolve – using sockets, peer to peer communication and a lot of new things I saw and that inspired me to make it even better and easier to communicate to your environment via your devices

As my agenda is fully booked on a project that very likely will last at least until June, most articles on the tech side will be exploring articles. The entrepreneurial part will be a boiling down of the experiences I gathered in the past 10 years of freelancing.


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